Opening a restaurant

You’ve always dreamed of opening a restaurant, but now that your project is starting to take shape, you’re swimming in doubt. The key to moving from this state of confusion to a real road map is research – lots of research.

You already know that opening a restaurant is a beautiful project that requires a lot of work and investment.You also know that you’re not likely to get rich overnight, and that the failure rate is very high (60% of new restaurants close within the first three years of operation). So why lancer ?

The answer is two words: passion. The life of a restaurateur is unique – to be successful, one must often feel a true calling. And when a restaurateur succeeds, he doesn’t do it by halves.

Knowing this, how can you maximize your chances of réussite ?

By studying the lifespan of thousands of restaurants, we can determine which factors affect their success. While some factors are completely beyond the owner’s control, there are many others that can be controlled.

Serving excellent food and maintaining an original concept are two fundamental criteria, of course, but what you are selling is a complete experience: from the food to the service, the atmosphere, the setting, the geographical location, the real estate in general and everything that can be associated with a restaurant outing. Without forgetting, of course, that this is ultimately just another business like any other, i.e. obliged to keep a balance between expenses and profits.

Take the time to do a little self-analysis, and be honest with yourself: how would you describe your personnalité ? What is your objectifs ? Your passions ? Your strengths and your faiblesses ? You need to decide what kind of boss you want to be and whether you need a partner or outside help. Even if you prefer to be in as much control as possible, don’t try to do everything by yourself.

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