Lyon: Adrien Zedda, chef of the best vegetarian restaurant in the world, embarks on the Top Chef adventure

Adrien Zedda, chef of Culina Hortus in Lyon, participates in season 12 of Top Chef - Marie Etchegoyen/M6

At 26, Adrien Zedda arrives this Wednesday in the kitchens of Top Chef already crowned with a remarkable title: chef of the best vegetarian restaurant in the world.The prize awarded in 2020 by the teams of the guide "We're Smart Green Guide" rewards the work of a chef accustomed to excellence.

Trained in the kitchens of the restaurant Les Ambassadeurs - one star in the Michelin guide - Adrien Zedda won in 2014 the prize for the best young cook of the Loire.That same year, he rubbed shoulders for the first time with Top Chef by participating in the program "Top Chef objective".Without success this time.

From Australia to Lyon

After a stint in the United States, in Iowa, Adrien Zedda returned to the Loire, where he became chef at La Maison Ocre, in Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert, for two years, before taking the plane back to Australia, where he served for nine months as Deputy Head of the Royal Mail Hotel, the country's prestigious establishment.

Once again in France, the cook moved to Lyon for good in May 2017 where he took the reins of two restaurants which very quickly attracted local foodies: Victoire and Thomas then Culina Hortus.

It is in this last establishment that he will develop an extraordinary vegetarian cuisine, in a city rather known for its sapper apron, its brioche sausage and its caps.

Looking for a star

Since then, the chef has also won the Naturality prize awarded in 2019 by Gault & Millaut before being crowned Young Talent by the same guide the following year.In the Michelin guide, the address is awarded a "gourmet plate".

But Adrien Zeeda does not hide his ambition and aims "the grail": a star in the famous red guide."We work for our customers but it remains a goal for us", explained in 2020 the young cook on BFM Lyon.Now, he is also chasing another title: that of "Top Chef".

Posted Date: 2021-02-12

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